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    Duradera Tree Care LLC is a landscaping company specializing in tree care. Our expert tree pruner can cut diseased or damaged branches to keep your trees in top condition.
    We also offer a tree removal service so you can make the most of your property. Our tree removal process demonstrates our attention to detail and skill.
    After tree removal, we offer tree stump grinding. Grinding down a stump makes way for new construction, plants, and more. Call today to book our services in the Arlington, TX area!

Our Services

Tree pruner
Tree Pruner

A skilled tree pruner can help you shape your trees and keep them healthy. Our gardener will trim diseased branches and stop your trees from becoming overgrown.

Tree care
Tree Care

Our tree care team has solutions to all of your tree concerns. We can maintain your existing trees or provide new tree planting.

Tree removal
Tree Removal Service

An unwanted tree can be a nuisance. Our tree removal service frees up your property for new plants, construction, and more.

Strump grinding
Tree Stump Grinding

Tree stump grinding turns the remaining stump into wood chips so you can use the land for a new purpose. Stump grinding is a popular option for anyone renovating their homes. Call today for a quote for tree work in the Arlington, TX area!

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